Espadrilles shoes online shop: the walk of footwear throughout history

Footwear, from its humble beginnings as an artless leather bag tied to feet, has come a long way on the course of humanity development and has adapted to every imaginable situation, for the simple reason that it covers the first basic necessity in human life, protection from the elements. And when finding the perfect espadrilles shoes online shop one cannot help but admire how far we have moved.

This evolution begins formally with the showy Egyptian and Roman sandals braided around the legs and used indistinctly by men and women. Leaping stages, paths separated and for ladies high-heeled alternatives with decorative chapels that so well highlight the shape of the female body were developed.

The male version expanded through the military world. Strong boots, closed to the ankle or high up to the mid-leg. After the iron tip was incorporated, although they became uncomfortable and heavy, they were safer and more reliable as a foot defense system. The classical Achilles’ heel was finally left behind.

As any modest concept that mankind has managed, each culture has created its own particular prototypes, using diverse materials but all with the same series of elemental components: sole, natural or polymerized textiles to cover the instep and braids, ropes or ties to sustain those who are open like sandals.

At present times the variety of options for both genders is immense. But there are models that are used interchangeably though the decoration and the colors can vary a little. Thus we have flat exemplaries that include slippers at home, sneakers or sports for different occasions and the popular espadrilles.

The latter are practical and even elegant for informal outings, city walks, run errands and others. Also they have the opportunity of being bought online and are cheap so you can have several units to match the outfit of the moment.

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