Three Fun Facts about Cozumel that you didn’t know

In Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula there is Cozumel, a beautiful island where you can either relax under the sun or explore the most beautiful reefs doing scuba diving. In this place you will find a huge variety of dive sites full of interesting critters, this detination is also plenty of history.

Many Cozumel resorts offer different tours to the popular beaches, this Paradise is located just south of Cancun and we all know that a special feature of that area is the turquoise water that makes anyone fall in love, also the tropical weather makes this place perfect for your next vacation.


If you are considering visiting the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, here are three interesting facts about Cozumel so do not hesitate:


  1. The Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park has the majority of dive sites, it was created in 1996 and its objective is to protect part of the Mesoamerican reef system. Currently it host more than 26 species of coral thanks to the protection programs which has been succsessful.
  2. The name of this island was derived from “Ah CuzamilPeten” which is the Mayan name of Cozumel, it means “island of the swallows”. Once you’ll there you will undertand why the swallow is an important symbol for this community.
  3. This place is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world such as Playa El Mirador or Playa Bonita. One of the main places to visit is Playa Molas, where you will find the island’s lighthouse.


Without a doubt Cozumel has everything you need for a special get-away, either you go with your friends, family or in a romantic mood with your soulmate we assure you that you will enjoy the sun of Mexico and this trip will be unfogettable.


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