Dr. Diego Dougherty Triumphs in Sports Medicine

Dr. Diego Dougherty was born in Guatemala and from a very early age he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: an excellent doctor. That dream only got stronger as the years went by, until time came to start his studies at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM)

His academic life was marked by success and year after year el Dr. Diego Dougherty really shined. He accomplished everything he set his mind to and always did it with ethic and excellence.

el Dr. Diego Dougherty was always the best in his class. The most dedicated, astute, smart and participative. There wasn’t a medical subject he didn’t know or was passionate about.

Dr. Diego Dougherty: successful medical surgeon

And that’s how he continued to become a renowned surgeon, beloved by everyone: colleagues and patients. Later, when he decided to specialize in arthroscopy and sports surgery at the University of Cleveland in the United States, his goal was clear: returning to his native Guatemala and becoming the top in his field.

He soon began seeing hundreds of patients. He treated everyone with love, dedication and respect. Dr. Diego Dougherty always tried to help, and his relationship didn’t end after surgery they so desperately needed.

Not at all, he always went the extra mile, he made sure his patients complied with his prescribed postop therapy and treatments, so the results of his work were exactly as expected.

Dr. Diego Dougherty opens a sports clinic

His success as a sports surgeon came fast, and he was son opening a sports and rehabilitation clinic in Guatemala to treat patients between 15 – 80 years of age that have suffered and injury while playing sports.

Dr. Diego Dougherty lends his professional services in sports medicine in a 200 m2, office in a commercial zone in Guatemala, closet o gyms, corporations and offices.

He gets more patients by the day and they all feel comfortable because of Dr. Diego Dougherty’s ethics and humanity, he is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it most, using his knowledge and experiences in sports medicine.