Genève train station – A cosmopolitan city to visit this Christmas

Are you planning where to go these holidays? Europe is plenty of places to visit fast and comfortably by train. You can consider, for instance, Genève, a metropolis close to the French border, the second city of Switzerland talking about population being Zurich the first. On the other hand, it is Geneva’s capital, a republic and canton which is the Swiss name used to refer to the town and its suburbs.

Genève, in French, is a well-known city by its financial center. Also it is considered a diplomacy worldwide focal point because the biggest amount of international organizations of the planet is present here. Among them are included the head offices of many United Nations agencies and the sanitary Red Cross. The famous Geneva Convention was engaged in this place, which is essentially related to the treatment of non-combatants and captives in time of war.

To arrive here there is an international airport called Cointrin, which is connected by Genève train station to national and transnational metropolises like Paris, the French capital, Lyon and also Marseille and Montpellier. There are bus, trolleybus and trolleys too and it is possible to take a boat to go from one side of the Lemán Lake to the other.

What to do in Genève?

If you are a culture lover a dynamic and multicultural spot like this provide creativity in the arts and eases public access to different and interesting forms of artistic manifestations. In Internet you can find effortlessly free information about fine art exhibitions and galleries, theatre or film productions, libraries and bookstores. Everything is at least bilingual, being English one of the language used.

While in summer people can swim in Léman, the climate in winter is cool, normally with nocturnal light frosts and diurnal melting conditions. Ice storms near the water are common. In certain epoches it snows over the city during the coldest days. The neighboring Mounts Jura and others receive significant snowfall and are appropriate for wintry sports, highlighting skiing. Many famed ski resorts can be reached in less than 3 hours by car.

Mont Blanc, the Alpine range highest peak can be seen from most of the venues. There are many attractive places four tourists. They are classified like religious and civic buildings, archeological, museums, theaters and diverse cultural sites. Come to Geneva and know the beautiful cradle of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher and writer (1712-1778) and Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Calvino and Voltaire elected home.

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