App to transfer money, Verse: the best applications on the market

Technologies of new equipment which are smaller and better, programming techniques and Internet have combined to make us move quickly towards the future. The variety of activities that can be done with a smart phone today is not comparable 70’s home telephone features. An app to transfer money, Verse is an example of one of those programs that facilitate us living comfortably at present.

The applications are fashionable, there is no doubt about it, everyone uses them and every day there are many more which can be counted in thousands. Some are so ingenious turning screen into a high quality mirror and others are really practical transforming cell phones into powerful flashlights.

Certain of the most used ones worldwide are:

  • Google Maps: useful tool that allows you to locate addresses easily. Including instructions to transfer amid places.
  • Facebook: this is the king of social networks in all devices or computers nowadays. It lets us chatting with anyone that has an account there, to upload, view and download photos, to talk live or deferred with friends and everything else you can imagine.
  • Youtube: of great popularity, it possesses an impressive amount of videos of any type for each age, need and taste. For instance, music, educational, fun, curious things, politics, etc.
  • Google+: with several options this giant company grows continuously. An instrument of extreme utility is language translator.
  • Twitter: in spite of limited capacity (140 characters) or perhaps thanks to it, this network stands out in the middle of the favorites of business men.
  • Skype: a platform of communication widely accepted for a long time is still in force.

Additional apps would be Whatsapp, Instagram and Verse. The latter, despite being a novel development, is destined to occupy a pre-eminent place among users because the simplicity it offers of transferring money between mobiles and making instant payments.

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